TheMuddy Foot Prince is the royal tale of Prince Oliver James Huntington IV, who loves to explore nature, splash in puddles, and get dirty. The problem? He's a prince! Always in trouble for his messy ways, Oliver decides to venture out on his own ... But things don't turn out as he planned.


                  Walnut GroveHits Home:


​A collection of episode segments and cast reflections, Walnut Grove Hits Home: Prairie Values for the Modern Family honors the brilliance of Michael Landon and emphasizes the timeless values and uplifting messages taught by his hit television series, Little House on the Prairie. With praise
and enthusiasm from cast members, Alicia Hogan Murphy’s book aims to spread hope, community, and laughter (much like the show did). It is a refreshing journey into the past that will bring a sense of calm to the reader’s present. ​

Bear Hugs & Socks Bugs: A Collection of Wacky and Wonderful Poems for Kids  sends our youngest generation messages of encouragement and positive self-esteem. Kindness matters, and so do YOU!

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There are days when your heart “over- floweth” with pride and

love for your children. Otherdays, you want to pop your cork . . .

literally and figuratively. These are the moments we can relate to,

the real day-to-day stuff that goes on while we’re liv- in’ the parenting


In MOTHERHOOD: Insert Humor Here, Alicia Hogan Murphy, a former

elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom, and her pediatrician husband,

Dr. John Murphy, re- flect on their crazy life with their three small children.

With their message “You aren’t alone,” they offer helpful and healthful hints —

and a bit of humor—to parents everywhere.