The Muddy Foot Prince is the royal tale of Prince Oliver James Huntington IV, who loves to explore nature, splash in puddles, and get dirty. The problem? He's a prince! Always in trouble for his messy ways, Oliver decides to venture out on his own ... But things don't turn out as he planned.

Bear Hugs & Socks Bugs: A Collection of Wacky and Wonderful Poems for Kids sends our youngest generation messages of encouragement and positive self-esteem. Kindness matters, and so do YOU!

There are days when your heart “over- floweth” with pride and love for your children. Otherdays, you want to pop your cork . . . literally and figuratively. These are the moments we can relate to, the real day-to-day stuff that goes on while we’re liv- in’ the parenting dream.

In MOTHERHOOD: Insert Humor Here, Alicia Hogan Murphy, a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom, and her pediatrician husband, Dr. John Murphy, re- flect on their crazy life with their three small children. With their message “You aren’t alone,” they offer helpful and healthful hints —and a bit of humor—to parents everywhere. 

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